Moving abroad changes

the Dynamics

in your Relationship.

Learn about what

these Changes can be

and what you can do to handle them better.

Re-watch our Online Summit and

Choose from 15+ on-demand Interviews

of Experts and Coaches

specialised on

Expat Life and Relationships

3-Day Virtual Conference F0r:

Expats about to move and

Expat Newbies

Serial Expats

Industry Professionals

Life Long Learners


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Wednesday, 23 Nov till Friday, 25 Nov 2022

Does This Sound Familiar?

Are you a future expat or have you been living abroad with your partner for a while already?

Are you wondering why some relationships thrive and flourish abroad, and others do not?

Are you sometimes worried about how your relationship develops or are you having trouble keeping your relationship healthy and balanced?

Is your subconscious wondering how your relationship has changed since the move?

You think you have noone to speak to because

- your best friend won't understand because they don’t have the same lifestyle

- all your friends are new or from the same organisation?

Do You Sometimes Feel Like You Are Living a Privileged Life and Feel You Have No Right to Complain?


  • you feel encouraged that other couples face similar struggles
  • you are prepared for your next assignment because you now know what to expect
  • you could take the first step for yourself and your relationship
  • you feel like you understand the challenges ahead
  • you have a set of life hacks at your disposal
  • you know what experts to turn to
  • Without having to read more books or figure out what and who to search for in Google


Relocating abroad can mean a change of roles in the relationship and

leaving your job for a new one in a foreign land will understandably impact your relationship.

That's the reason why our experts are here to help you out and inspire you!

Special Black Friday Offer!

We have gathered more than 15 researchers, therapists and coaches who share their knowledge and show you their best practices and "lifehacks" to give your relationship abroad a new direction.

You will get:

  • 12h of inspirational, hands-on content
  • by real experts
  • to watch with or without your partner
  • at your own pace
  • on-demand, instant access!

All for Just €17!





Understanding and Preventing EXPAT INFIDELITY and AFFAIRS

How to keep your relationship SPICY and FRESH abroad

Managing the SHIFT from DUAL-CAREER Couple to "SUPPORT SPOUSE"



Getting through BREAK-UPs and DIVORCE

Making FRIENDS as a Couple


Don’t let your relationship break up

because you decided to go

on this adventure.

Let 15+ experts show you

How to tap

into your Strength

that brought you here in the first place.

The Audience is going to have so much VALUE!

Years of Research, Coaching Practice and

Life Experience condensed over 3 days,

All in One Place!


Meet Inspiring Experts who know their profession AND understand your Lifestyle with all its ups and downs

Tips, Tricks, and Life-Hacks: Learn what you can do to help your relationship thrive in unfamiliar surroundings

No need to reinvent the Wheel: Hear other couples who have been through similar experiences, and reap from their experience and hard-earned wisdom

Aha-Moments: Understand why your partner is reacting the way they are, and not necessarily because of you

get Access to our Special Offers

Clarity and Insights: Hear from experts about behaviours in intimate relationships, what harms and what helps

Focused Attention: Find out what signs to look out for when you move from one place to the next

Get Prepared, and Feel Empowered and Equipped: Feel equipped to notice what is having an impact on your relationship. Nip conflicts in the bud, rather than watch them escalate

Benefit even if you attend without your partner: You don’t have to attend together. Even if only you attend, your couple will reap the benefit of what you will learn and takeaway with you


The Challenges of Expat Couples are real. So are the Professionals we gathered for our Summit. Get inspired by their tips and insights, enjoy our no-fluff sessions,

and start adapting this knowledge tomorrow.









Meet Wiebke and Rhoda,



Wiebke and Rhoda are two certified coaches working with families and couples living abroad.

Their vision was to create a virtual event that is both informational and inspirational. An event where adventurous people like you can meet and learn from the best scholars, coaches, and therapists working with people who live abroad. Professionals who understand your way of living and all its upsides and challenges.

Welcome to the Expat Couples Summit.

A virtual event to learn hands-on tips, tricks, and insights

specifically for a fulfilling life abroad and a chance to get to know the go-to Experts that can support professionally with the challenges you may face in your relationship during your time abroad.

Kristin Duncombe



Nicola Beer




Kate Galloway



Anka Grzywacz


Certified Sex Coach

Katrin Dürkoop

Transition and Divorce Coach

Prof. Judith Eidems



Gabriela Encina


Prof. Geoffrey Greif


Univ. of Maryland

Prof. Ruth McPhail


Griffith University

Sarah Siegert

Friendship Coach

Yvonne Quahe






Benefit from the Professional and Life Experience of

Experts on Expat Relationships,

summarised for you in a CRISP and DIGESTABLE manner,

for an INCREDIBLE price.


Instant Access to 12h of Content and Wisdom edited for You.

Covering everything from Relationship Maintenance and Divorce Prevention to Empty Nesters and Intercultural Couples' Challenges



  • Meet 15+ Experts in the Field of Expat Life and learn from their professional (and life) experience
  • more than 12h of informational and inspirational content
  • no-fluff, to-the-point
  • Instant Access to all sessions
  • On-demand access to all events until Friday, Dec 9, 2022



Upgrade your

Summit Experience with

Special Offers

from our Experts


  • everything from the Standard Ticket


  • a unique Bundle of Coaching Offers for an incredible price
  • including Coaching Sessions,
  • Live Workshops,
  • Q&A sessions, Meet-the-speakers on Dec 1. 2022 (More information here)
  • for personal use OR gifting


  • EXTENDED Video-access of all sessions until Friday, Dec 30, 2022






General Information about the Event

What is the Expat Couples Summit (ECS) about and what are the benefits of this event?

The Expat Couples Summit (ECS) is a unique 3-day virtual event for people living abroad. This includes assigned or self-initiated expats, digital nomads, lovepats, repats, people in long distance relationships, military spouses, development workers, people working in non-family or hardship posts, and more.

The Summit covers a wide range of issues these couples face before, during and after their time abroad: culture shock, alienation, loneliness, affairs, frequent business trips, role changes, career breaks, single parenting, value incoherence, etc. - with a particular focus on the couple level.

The overarching question the event addresses is why some relationships flourish abroad - and others don't. It condenses the knowledge and wisdom of more than 15 academics and coaches working with this audience estimated to be 60mio. people worldwide. The conference will show its participants that they can proactively create the life they want before, during and after their stay abroad, rather than just being "exposed" to the challenges. Therefore, the Expat Couples Summit addresses the challenges and pitfalls for couples living abroad from a solution and action-oriented perspective. In the panels, experts will not only share theoretical knowledge, but also new ideas, food for thought, and "how-to"s. This is why for each topic we combine perspectives from academia, therapists and coaches working in this niche. As a participant, you will benefit from both professional- and life experience of your peer expats, without having to read a million books, all packed in a 3-day, on demand event. You can watch videos when they are published, or at a later point. The event also gives you access to special offers from our experts.

Who is this event for?

The event is both for expat couples and singles interested in personal growth and insights related to expat relationships. You can attend it either with or without your partner.

Our sessions are valuable for all those who plan to move abroad in the future, currently live abroad, but also for those who are in the process of relocation to their home country.

This includes assigned or self-initiated expats, digital nomads, lovepats, repats, people in long distance relationships, military spouses, development workers, people working in hardship posts, and more.

When conceptualising the summit, we aimed to include all people in some kind of committed relationships, e.g. families or parents, unmarried couples, married couples, split-location families, and polyamorous relationships. Singles interested in how to nurture long-lasting relationships will also benefit from the summit content.

I am single. Does it make sense to attend?

Yes, the ECS is open to singles and couples alike. If you are single, our summit is a good option for you to explore the topic of long-lasting relationships.

When and where will the ECS take place?

This is an online event. It features virtual on-demand sessions that start Thursday, Oct 13, 2022 until Saturday, Oct 15, 2022. The ECS’ recorded sessions, keynotes, and round tables will be available on demand until Friday, Oct 21, 2022.

You can learn more about the content of ECS sessions in the agenda ((LINK)).

The ECS takes place as an online-, on-demand event. You will receive an email with a link to a Summit Membership Area after you bought a ticket. Please check your Spam-folder for email coming from "", “”, “”, or “”.

Who are the hosts of the ECS?

The event is hosted by Rhoda Bangerter and Wiebke Anton, two certified coaches specialised on expat relationships and families.

Rhoda Bangerter is a certified life coach for accompanying spouses with travelling partners, a speaker and the author of “Holding the Fort Abroad”. As a “Third Culture Kid” and wife to a diplomat, she has been solo-parenting and experimenting various ways to hold the fort while creating a joined life in a long distance relationship. Rhoda speaks about the challenges of solo parenting and how to thrive in multicultural marriages on various platforms and podcasts. She runs workshops for organisations who support families of staff in non-family postings.

Dr. Wiebke Anton is a certified relationship coach and mediator. Being an expat herself, she can relate to the pitfalls and challenges of couples during their transition from former dual-career to “support spouses”. Wiebke’s research-based approach helps expat couples to understand and improve their communication and conflict patterns. She offers both 1:1 online coaching as well as workshops for future expats to prep their relationship for their new life abroad.

Who are the speakers of the Summit? What are their credentials?

The ECS gathers experts who work with expats from different perspectives: licensed therapists, certified coaches, authors, consultants, professors and other academic researchers as well as content creators. The line-up does not include cash-grabbing catchy life coaches who make a lot of promises without any substance. You can check out our speakers here: ((LINK)).

How can I access the content of the conference?

After you bought a ticket, an email with a link to the Summit Membership Area will be sent to the same email you entered for registration. Clicking on this link, you will be asked to enter a password for your individual account. We advise you to bookmark the log-in page for future reference.

Attendees with an Early Bird or Standard ticket will have access to the Conference until Friday, 21st of October 22. If you buy a VIP Ticket, you will be able to download the sessions as files to watch them later.

This is my first virtual conference. Where should I start?

We suggest you begin by viewing the welcome and introductory video that will be available by the first day of the event. The video will outline what’s in each “room” within the Summit Membership Area, and what kind of sessions you can expect during the summit. You can navigate the summit content by using the left-hand menu to access each day and session.

Do I have to follow the conference agenda exactly as outlined?

Similar to an in-person conference, you’ll probably have a better experience if you follow the agenda as closely as possible, because we designed the outline of the conference in way of "successive learning" that theoretical and academic input is followed by "how to's". However, the Summit is designed as an on-demand event that covers a variety of topics. So you can of course pick, choose and skip any sessions that are of less interest to you.

I won’t be able to make it to all of the sessions. Will there be an opportunity to access the videos after the event?

Yes, all recorded sessions will be available on the virtual platform for one week following the event (basic ticket), until Friday, October 21st, 2022. If you purchase the VIP ticket, you will be granted access to a GoogleDrive which contains the video files for download.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please email either Wiebke (kontakt@help4loveDOTcom) or Rhoda (rhoda@amulticulturallifeDOTcom) for more information.

Booking and Tickets

Can I attend the summit without my partner?

Yes, absolutely. You can listen to all our sessions either by yourself or together with your partner.

I want to attend with my partner. Do I need to buy two tickets?

If you want to attend the Summit from the same room or computer, you can of course share a ticket. If the two of you are in seperate places, and want to watch the sessions at the same time, you will need two tickets because you cannot be logged in on two different computers at the same time.

What happens after I buy a ticket?

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email, including a link to our event platform (the Summit Membership Area). Please re-register with this email address and save your password. You will be able to watch a short introductory video. The sessions will be opened on Thursday, 13 Oct, 2022.

I have not yet registered for the conference. Will registration cost the same during the entire selling period?

You will receive an Early Bird Ticket Discount if you buy your ticket until Monday, Oct 3, 2022. After that, the Standard ticket price will be 37€ until the end of the conference. If you buy your ticket once the event has started, no discount will be granted.

What is the difference between the Standard, Early Bird and VIP Ticket?

Standard and Early Bird Tickets have the same benefits, but the price is different. The Early Bird Ticket has a special price and rewards those who make a quick decision to participate in the ECS. This option expires on Monday, Oct 3, 2022.

The VIP ticket grants extended access to the conference recordings (until 25 Nov 22), and includes several special offers by our coaches and therapists (see below) that cannot be bought elsewhere, for an incredible price.

Why should I buy the VIP ticket?

The VIP ticket is a unique opportunity for you to receive special offers from the best coaches working in the field of expat coaching and wellbeing. Many of our Summit speakers contributed a unique product that cannot be bought elsewhere, and if so, to a much higher price than offered in this VIP package. Here you can find what the VIP ticket includes (click).

The VIP ticket will give you extended access to all videos from the conference until Friday, 25 Nov 2022. This allows you to watch all the sessions after the summit is closed.

The Summit already started. Can I still register? What did I miss?

Yes, the registration is open until the last day of the event (Saturday, 15 Oct, 2022). The advantage of this on-demand event is that all previous sessions can be watched at your own pace, so you do not miss out on any content.

Is there a refund or money-back guarantee?

You can refund your ticket only until the day before the event starts, i.e. Oct 12, 2022. Please contact Wiebke (kontakt@help4loveDOTcom) from the same Email address you bought the ticket with. Unfortunately there is no money-back guarantee once the Summit starts.

What email address should I use to register, or buy, or log in?

Please use an email address you frequently use. You must use the email address you used to register for the conference. If you are unsure what email was used, please reference your confirmation email. Be sure to check your spam email folder in addition to your email inbox for the registration confirmation email.

Technical Requirements

Are there special equipment or technical requirements?

You may participate in the virtual conference from a laptop, computer (Mac or PC) or tablet (Android or IOS). You may use a phone as well, but we recommend the use of a bigger screen to follow the presentations. An internet connection that allows you to participate in a Google Meet or Zoom call should be sufficient for our platform. If your connection is slower, you may still participate but load times may be longer than normal.

Do I have to download an app to attend the conference?

No, the ECS runs in your web browser. The Summit is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

Should I use a specific browser?

Chrome or Firefox are the most stable and consistent browsers for accessing this virtual environment.

What if I’m having a hard time hearing the sessions/speakers?

Audio quality is vital for any good recording and learning experience. Therefore, during our recording, we make sure that our audio meets the quality standards so that listeners can enjoy our content. If you have difficulties with the audio output, try the following:

Check to make sure your speakers/headphones work and are turned up to an appropriate volume.

If you have internal speakers, make sure they aren’t muted.

If you have external speakers, make sure they are powered on and aren’t muted.

Make sure you did not lose internet connectivity.

If you are using a mobile device, such as an iPhone, make sure you have enough bandwidth. We advise using dedicated wi-fi or 4G.


Will the sessions begin automatically?

Every morning will unlock the sessions of this Summit day. You can navigate the content on the left side of the page, through the navigation bar. Having opened the session, you will see a video screen. In order to start the video, please click on the play button as it will not start automatically.

How long is each session?

The sessions will be between 20 and 40 minutes. We respect your time and therefore make sure that all information is presented in an accessible, to-the-point, crisp manner. As it is an on-demand event, you are free to pause the videos at any time you wish.

How long will recordings be available for viewing?

Summit attendees with a Standard and Early Bird Ticket will have access to recordings until Friday, Nov 18, 2022. If you buy our VIP bundle, you will be able to download the videos for later access.

Can I get speaker’s PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, if the speaker has chosen to make them available. PowerPoint presentations from speakers who have chosen to make them available are located on the session page, at the very bottom.


Can I receive a discount or other benefits for telling others about the conference?

Yes, you can participate in our affiliate programme and receive up to 40% commission on the ticket price if someone buys a ticket through your affiliate link. Please submit your best email through this link and you will receive all necessary details in your inbox:

Who do I contact for more information?

Please email to for more information.

Prefer to speak to someone about the event?

Email to and we can arrange a call.