Mastering Career Shifts Abroad

Audio Courses:

One Couple, Two careers: Maintaining Dual Careers

Paul Vanderbroek and Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen

Create your International Career Couple Vision Board

Kate Galloway

The Decision Ease Toolkit - Simplifying Decision-Making for Couples in Transitions

Caroline Giffon

Navigating Intercultural Love

Audio Courses:

Your Place, my Place, or Switzerland? Where to Live as an Intercultural Couple

Mareike Matthies and Kim Serena

From Intercultural Couple to Intercultural Family: What Changes when Partners from Different Cultures Become Parents

Mareike Matthies and Kim Serena

Marrying a Third Culture Kid (TCK)

Kate Gondouin

Elevate Resilience and Couple Communication

Audio Courses:

Reinventing your Relationship despite busy Transitions

Wiebke Anton

Mastering the Transition to and as Split-Location Couple

Rhoda Bangerter

Increasing Resilience as a Couple who Moves

Anna Seidel

Creating a Culture of Sharing & Understanding to Ease Transitions

Franziska Luxhoj

Being Prepared for a Death Abroad

Doreen Cumberford

Navigating the Expert Maze

Audio Courses:

How Coaching can Help You Manage Transitions

Annegret Bertsch

How Therapy can Help You Manage Transitions

Gabriel Ellis

Benefits of Pre-departure Therapy

Karina Lagarrigue

Bonus Tracks - just added!

Audio Courses:

Co-create your Couple Project thanks to the Appreciative Inquiry

Florence Chabert-d'Hieres

Cultural Differences

Cecilia Lui

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